This website is dedicated to analysing the eight continental scale, aerosol plumes which occur each year across the World in South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia covering parts of the tropics and northern sub-tropics and are shown below. Most plumes have one or more significant anthropogenic sources which did not exist before about 1950-60 and have, in the main, been created by the trebling to quadrupling of the population in the tropics since 1950 which has driven land clearing and increased agriculture with their attendant biomass burning aerosols and commercial activity.

Terra Jan 2007 v2   Terra Sep 2006 2

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recognises aerosols as a major element in forcing climate change but has failed to rigorously model the effects of these eight plumes in Assessment Report 4 (AR4) issued in 2007 and in AR5 issued in 2013. The links below describe the flaws in both reports.

The Flaws in the IPCC Assessment Report 4     The Flaws in the IPCC Assessment Report 5

The graph beneath shows the increase in the NASA aerosol index (AI) and optical depth of the south east Asian plume since 1979 and the increase in the carbon dioxide level from the Mauna Loa observatory. From September 1979 to September 2000 the AI level increased by 687% whilst the carbon dioxide level increased by only 9.9 and it might be reasonably expected that the large change in AI would create some significant changes. See this page for more information