keithpottsQualifications: B.Sc and MBA

Employment: Geophysical exploration for oil, gas and minerals for 20 years. Consultant in geophysics and management for 10 years. Intellectual property commercialisation for 8 years.

Climate Science: I retired in 2004 and became interested in climate science because of the Millennium Drought in south eastern Australia where I live. From my experience in geophysical exploration in many countries in the oil industry it was obvious that something had to be the direct cause of the drought as nothing of this magnitude occurs without a cause.

After a few months work in 2006 it became obvious that the natural and anthropogenic aerosol plume over south east Asia was connected to droughts in south eastern Australia. Proving it has taken many years.

Now I can show that the eight, continental scale, aerosol plumes which occur each year are responsible for much of the climate change the World has experienced since 1960 including droughts, increased temperatures and more severe El NiƱo events. This website explains some of the effects of these eight plumes.